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Hi, I’m Emily

Chiime Founder, Certified Mindset & Performance Coach, Trainer

I experienced what many term ‘the quarter-life crisis’ defined by clinical psychologist Alex Fowke as, ‘a period of insecurity, doubt and disappointment surrounding your career, relationships and financial situation,” and to be honest, I really struggled to find direction and found it hard to get out of the ‘funk.’

All  instead of reaching out to speak to someone about the work stress and pressure I was feeling, the disappointment in not being where I thought I’d be, I suffered in silence and burnout held me back. 

After spending a few weeks’ out of London, first by choice and then the coronavirus pandemic, I had the time to reflect and take stock.  Through therapy initially and then investing in my own coach, this life event turned out to be a catalyst for change. 

It took introspection, support, and a desire to change to discover my values and what was important to me. Speaking to friends, I realised how common this millennial phenomenon is, our 20’s and 30’s can often be a period where we feel lost and unsure in ourselves.  


It was during my own coaching that I realised my natural strengths around it, and the desire to support young professionals going through similar to challenges to the ones I’d experienced.  While working full time at Mind Gym, a Behavioural Change Consultancy for Organizations, I completed two Coaching Certifications and set up Chiime. Over the last year, my mindset has completely shifted, and in coaching others I have found something that I love doing, which provides me with fulfilment, purpose, and the opportunity to enable others to do the same. 

Aside from geeking out on matters of the mind, wellbeing, psychology, and mental health, I also love sports – running, cycling, and swimming to name a few. I am a travel enthusiast and enjoy getting lost in a book. 



Diploma in Transformational Coaching, Animas Centre for Coaching (ICF, ADCT)

Certified Coach, Mind Gym

Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Course, University of Oxford  

BA Honours in History and Politics, Newcastle University 

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