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Coaching people in their 20s and 30s

Cut through the noise and thrive, personally and professionally

Our mission

Chiime exists to create a collaborative coaching space away from the hustle and bustle of life. 

Our mission is to help you achieve, through partnership and conversation, clarity around your goals, aspirations and simply, choices. Whether you are looking to make a career change, improve your wellbeing, cope with stress, or want a new challenge, coaching with Chiime will give you the support to drive change and personal development

Time for a little more 

Perhaps you:

  • Lack a sense of fulfilment or purpose 

  • Feel ‘stuck’ or behind on your plan

  • Feel uncertain or confused about the future  

  • Compare yourself to others

  • Struggle to create balance between career, wellbeing and social 

  •  Feel stressed or get overwhelmed making decisions

  • Fear making the ‘wrong’ next step 

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Coaching with Chiime can help to gain greater self-awareness and cultivate the right mindset to overcome blockers in your life and career.

Leave sessions feeling: 

  • Empowered that the change is being driven by you

  • Challenged by the notion that you already have the answers within yourself

  • Optimistic about the future and the fact that you have the power within to make life better

  • Reassured by having a clear action plan

  • Unintimidated by big decisions or life events, and can breakdown into manageable goals

  • Proud and capable of overcoming limiting beliefs

Our Approach

Mindset matters, this is at the heart of our coaching framework

Our approach is designed around this belief by creating an environment for you to pause, and think


We reserve time and space for our clients to step back from the day-to-day and gain perspective on the bigger picture


We collaborate with clients to identify key goals and limiting beliefs


We facilitate realisation of goals by holding clients accountable and challenging you to think differently

“Emily has helped me to take practical action to achieve goals I found ambiguous and overwhelming at the start of our sessions. She has given me the tools to focus and channel my inner emotions about various topics, offering different ways of framing situations in a way that has enabled me to be more positive about myself. 

I would recommend Emily to anybody who is at a bit of a crossroads, either professionally or within their own wellbeing – I always leave our sessions with my head held higher, tasks to work on for the week, and feeling generally more optimistic about making my way in the world”. 

Erin, PR Manager


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